Friday, February 13, 2004

Home... uh... yay?

Well, I'm home for the weekend. I'm considerably less happy about it than I probably could be. I've been here for about 7 hours and there's already been yelling and whining and I'm tired and sick to my stomach and the damned kittens are being naughty and I think the mom cat is going into heat and there's no money to spay her. There's already been the "my sister and money" conversation, as well as the orders from my sister for me to take her places and buy her things. She's 18, you'd think she'd have learned some common courtesy by now. I'm ready to go back to the dorms already. Bloody hell. Kittens destroyed my Mardi Gras mask that I made in French class in high school. You wouldn't think it'd bug me so much, but I really loved that mask and I'm actually sad. Really sad about it. I was gonna bring it up to add a little decoration to my room. Sigh. Dammit.

Okay, two good things have happened. One, I went to a movie with Amber and got to talk about boys and D&D and all that good stuff... And yes, she's yet another girl who's really interested in roleplaying stuff (she does hers solely on the computer). Fancy that. Number Two, I got into an interesting conversation with my dad about poetry and writing. By the way, to whoever's reading this, did you ever learn how to diagram sentences? Cuz I sure didn't. And if you did, when did you learn?

So I got about five hours of sleep last night. First, as evidenced by the last post, I didn't get home till about 3:00 and had to check my e-mail and blog a lil before I could even think about going to sleep (is that obsessive?) and then, when I finally did go to bed, I was still in such a spectacular mood that I was giggling as I lay in bed. Moments like that make me so glad that I don't have a roommate. So, finally got to sleep around 4. Got up at about 8:15 cuz I had to pee, tried to go back to sleep for a little while, and found that it was nearly impossible. Yes, I was still bouncy. At this point in time, I was getting a lil frustrated because I was exhausted, yet too mentally revved up to sleep again. I ended up finally getting some sleep between 8:45 and 9:45... might've been an hour, might've been half that. Got up at 9:45 to shower (get the smoke smell out of my hair) and get dressed and even managed a little breakfast before leaving for class at 10:40. Went to class, went to the student union for a sandwich, went to my room, checked e-mail, packed a bag, drove for 3 and a half hours (no traffic to speak of, thank the indifferent gods [and thank Slumbering Lungfish for that expression]), got home, greeted everyone, listened to my lil sis whine at me, talked to my dad, left with Amber at 6:15, came back around 10, had dinner, talked with dad, scolded kittens... It's been sort of a long day.

Anyone still there? No? That's fine. I'm used to talking to myself. I spent most of the ride home just belting out every song I could think of that I like to sing. Now my throat sorta hurts. No, I don't usually do that in the car when there's someone else there. Okay... maybe in my head, I do. But not out loud.

Time to go? Okay, I think I will. Sleepy... peace, y'all.

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