Saturday, February 28, 2004

Question: How are college students like mushrooms?

Heh heh heh... nice day. We had a power outage around 3:30 or 4, for about an hour. Thankfully, it was a nice day out. I went and took a walk around campus (turns out the whole town was out of power), met up with a guy I know and one of his friends, talked to them for a while while they stood around and smoked, headed back to my dorm, and was just about to go upstairs when I saw Erin coming towards the building. So I went out to meet her and then followed her back to her room where we sat and talked to her neighbors for another hour, during which the power came back on. Then I finally went up to my room, sat and watched TV for a while... the power cut out again for a couple minutes, but just as I was going downstairs again with my flashlight (apparently neither of Erin's neighbors can fend for themselves without electricity), it came back on... and here I am. I'm pretty much doubting that I'm going out anywhere tonight, but I may end up watching a movie downstairs, if the two boys aren't being pesky. I dunno.

I don't feel like doing much. Maybe reading. I got through the first 100 pages of Dune last night. I was gonna read more today, but I'm lazy. Slept till 9:30. Woke up and played on my computer for an hour before I even went to take a shower and get dressed. See? Lazy. And I've got homework... yech. There's a midterm in English Lit on Monday and Wednesday that I should study for. And a take-home test for 19th Century Philosophy that I should look at because it's due on Friday. And poetry stuff to do, both journals and preparing four poems to be handed in for Tuesday's midterm project. I guess I shouldn't worry. It won't take that long.

Wow... I'm just sleepy. Shoulda had a nap or something. Weird, cuz I slept long and well last night and I haven't really been busy. I'm gonna go work on something now. Bye!

P.S.: Answer (in case you didn't get the joke): They keep us in the dark and feed us shit!

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