Sunday, February 01, 2004

The Super Bowl, Stephen Malkmus, and the French

I'm back in the dorms now. It was a long drive in the snow on bad, slippery roads. But I'm happy to be home. Got to watch the Super Bowl with Erin and her neighbors. Ya know, a year or two ago, I never would have pictured myself liking football. But it's sorta fun. Erin's and my team (the Patriots) won, and the guys were a little pissed. Too bad for them, heh heh. We ordered a Hawaiian pizza and just sat around to watch the game, and of course the commercials. I loved that little donkey in the Budweiser commercial! So cute...

Anyway, after the game I went back up to my room to enter more bills at the Where's George website, and after entering them, I discovered that I had over 500 bills entered and therefore I get a free one-month trial of the Friends of Where's George program. Very fun. Usually $6 a month.

Other interesting thing I discovered... my blog shows up as the third entry on a French search engine's search for "Malkmus MPG." (Why anyone would add MPG to their search for Malkmus is beyond me.) In my opinion, this is awesome but also somewhat misleading. I love Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, so here's a link to their official website. Hope that helps our Francophone friends. :)

And yes, I like the French. I really do. I keep hearing things (especially from some of the males I know) about how the French are wimps for not wanting to join us in the war in Iraq. Well... news flash. There are lots more important things than war. There's art, science, literature, philosophy, music, all the things that make life worth living and in some cases worth fighting to protect. So leave them alone, dammit! **cue The More You Know, The More You Grow rainbow PSA commercial thing**

Gotta get busy. Adieu and good night.

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