Thursday, March 25, 2004

I'm Rich!

Okay... twenty dollars rich... but still. Our team took second place at the Women's History Knowledge Bowl today, so we won $60 as a team. Split three ways, that comes out to $20 each. Not bad for an hour and a half of competition. Plus free juice and cookies. Oh, yeah.

So now things are better. We had a nice rainy foggy day today, I've got plans for Friday and maybe the rest of the weekend, money in my pocket, a sandwich and some popcorn in front of me... life is looking up. And NO HOMEWORK tonight! Finish the book, then? Maybe? I hope... Of course, when I finish Dune I'll be in need of the second book in the series... a little help from Froyd, perhaps? If he's got it? And if I promise to do homage and bring offerings for the cat? Or at least cookies? If all else fails, I can go to the library, I guess.

My sweet sister is going to speech sub-sections on Saturday in Duluth. She took first in conference and has gotten an award in every meet she's been to this year. I'm so proud of her! There is, of course, the curse: anyone who does well in conference will inevitably do poorly in sub-sections. I hope that's not the case. She's a real actress, that girl...

That's all, folks. I'm headed off to read a little bit more on lucid dreaming (more on that later, maybe), and then try to finish my book. Bye.

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