Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm so proud of me!

Well, I may have seen 3 AM, but I still managed to get up and get to Res Life by a little after 9 to sign up for a room. I got the last girls' single in Linden. This pleases me to no end. Finally... I'll be able to wake up fifteen minutes before class, throw on some clothes, and still not be late! And no more middle-of-the-night jaunts from Linden to Oak when it's well below zero out and the tunnels are closed.

Plus... got all my financial aid stuff turned in! Ah, yes... More loans to pay for my education. It sorta sucks... but then again, I wouldn't want to be trying to pay for the entire thing by myself. I'd end up working late nights at Walmart. Eesh. I'm hoping for work-study this time. That'd help.

Things did sorta go downhill after this morning. Long, boring classes. Long boring classes where I'm doing everything in my power to stay awake. These suck. A lot. And my knee still hurts a lot. It gets better when I've been walking around for a while. Or maybe I just get better at ignoring it.

I've promised myself I'll do my homework early tonight and get enough sleep. I know it's possible. I'm sure of it. If I intend to be up late tomorrow night (and I do), I've got to at least try to get to bed by midnight tonight. Provided, of course, that my neighbors SHUT THE HELL UP by midnight. That's the other thing: Linden 1A is a quiet floor. Yay! I'll be able to sleep whenever I want! This is extremely important to me, seeing as how I tend to nap whenever I've got a spare hour or two.

Gotta call my mom tonight. Then: Rumi work, reading, more reading, MORE reading, sleep. Someone told me once that you're supposed to do two hours of homework for every hour you spend in class. Yeah, right. I made the deans' list, and I only do about and hour or two of homework each night, total. Except for paper-writing nights. Then it goes up to about six hours of "oh shit oh shit oh shit". I guess that makes up for the rest of it, heh...

I should find something relevant to talk about. More relevant than my own piddly little life, anyway. Hey, cool, the Mars rover is apparently sitting on an ancient beach. Check out the article. Mars stuff is pretty much fascinating. Or maybe I just liked Stranger in a Strange Land too much. That was a damn cool book. I'm glad I read it this summer.

I need to read more Heinlein. I liked The Moon is a Harsh Mistress too. I've got another book by him called Time Enough for Love on the bookshelf, too, but I haven't read it yet. Maybe after Dune. Anyone know if it's any good? The copy I've got was my Dad's at one point, but he went through his books to get rid of the ones he didn't want anymore. So after he did that, I went through all the rejects and picked out the ones I wanted to keep and read for myself. When I'm done... I dunno. If I like em, I'll keep em. If not, I'll give em away. One day I'll have a whole huge library for myself. I'll have to buy a house with a room just for my books. And a big comfy armchair. And a lamp. I'd stay there for days and never come out. I have only two addictions: caffiene and the written word. Gimme those and I could live very comfortably on little else. Silly crazy poet girl...

Okay, time to get goin. I'm feeling better now than I did when I sat down. Weird how that is. Gotta get to work. Bye.

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