Thursday, March 18, 2004

Mmm... good food, good friends, good fun...

Ooh... I'm stuffed with nummy wonderful HOMEMADE(!) Chinese food... Had a lovely night out of the dorm again... I am SO moving to Linden next year. Oh, yeah... Ryan is NOT allowed to transfer again. We're keeping him. Oh, yes. Mmm... Sweet and sour chicken (not the buffet kind, the real stuff with veggies and non-pink sauce), fried rice, and cream cheese wontons. He's a goooooooood cook. And lest you think I'm a complete slacker, I did help somewhat, chopping some veggies and frying some wontons.

I'm feeling very charitable towards the human race tonight. Tonight, I love everybody. Really truly love everybody. Wow... someone musta snuck something into my Coke when I wasn't watching... Anyway, it's been one of the better days on record for me. One of the better weeks, too... and months, and years. Hm... Life's going good right now. I'm still dreading leaving for the summer, but looking forward to coming back the next year. It'll all be good. Wow... I'm all optomistic tonight, too. Best not lose this vibe. I'm gonna try and get a good eight hours of sleep tonight, cuz I haven't all week. One class tomorrow (my early class, unfortunately), then this weekend more sleep, more writing, hopefully more time spent with other people. I can't seem to get enough of this socializing stuff. Who knew it was so much fun?

Okay, I'm going now. Remember: I love you all (yeah, all three of you who read this...)! Bye!

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