Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Yes... Today is a good day.

Yay! I get a single room next year! So happy... oh yes... I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to move to Linden or stay here in Oak. Such a hard decision... I've got about twenty days to decide, tho, thank God. We'll see.

So I'm having an awesome day. Things have been pleasant and relaxed and I got to watch a video in poetry class with Allen Ginsburg (who I love, bless his dead soul) in it. I'm feeling sorta beatnik-y lately. Gotta remember to bring a poem for class on Thursday.

Tomorrow... D&D. Yay! If I'm in this good of a mood by then, it'll be a wonderful time. Bouncy happy talkative... heh heh. All the good vibes from last night are still reverberating. I should go out and grab a couple groceries tonight.. need more Coke, some butter so I can make a grilled cheese sandwich, black licorice (I've had a craving for some since Saturday night), maybe some soup? Pickles? And more tea. Tea with caffiene in it. Herbal tea is all well and good, but without the caffiene I'm forced to drink more soda in order to be a migrane-free and pleasant person. Someone said that you have to drink coffee to be truly addicted to caffiene. Not true. Totally not true. I hate coffee, but without caffiene I'm sure I would curl up and die by the second or third day. And tea is so much better for you than soda. Antioxidants and no sugar and no funny chemicals in it if you get the right kind. Mmm... yeah.

La la la... I feel like singing and talking to myself. The neighbors probably think I'm completely insane... "She's talking to herself again... someone call security..." Really I'm just reciting/reading poetry to myself, which is the best way to really figure out what it means. Saying it out loud, I mean. You can feel the words so much more easily. The sentences make more sense. You hear the poet's voice and it speaks to you. Or maybe I'm just a jolly nutcase English major who thinks about these things too much. Either/or.

So a little more about what I did last night. Recited poetry in the car on the way to Perkins (and I think my companions thought I'd lost it). Got inside and were seated on the non-smoking side, a minute later we move to the smoking section where all the other guys were, ordered food, talked about books and poetry and stories from the past, ate, gave the leftovers to a couple of the guys who seemed absolutely shocked that we might possibly waste that much food, talked some more and finished my vanilla shake, listened to other people talk, came home a little after midnight, and went to bed feeling on top of the world. I was trying to find a word for that sort of feeling. Not really catharsis (tho I LOVE that word). I thought of one last night but I seem to have forgotten it... it started with an E. Not ecstatic... not elated... hm. Damn vocabulary. Maybe it's just that I know so many words that I can't remember them all. Yeah... that's it...

Okay... groceries, then more homework. Joy! Writing stuff! For classes! As long as I can be creative about it. See ya.

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