Sunday, April 04, 2004


I'm done with the book. And now I'm pissed off. Because NOW I've gotta get my hands on the next one. They're like potato chips! Can't read just one... So anyway, Froyd gets his book back tomorrow. I've heard that the next book in the series isn't as good. Maybe it's pull will be weak enough to allow me to escape... one can only hope. I nearly cried while reading this one, too, at the end... Snif... damn latent sentimentality....

So... plans for the rest of the night: I should probably do some writing. And maybe have dinner at some point. It doesn't feel late enough for that sort of thing, tho. The sun hasn't even set yet. Sort of unnerving. After winter I tend to forget how long the days can get. And they just keep growing until the summer solstice, which also happens to be my mother's birthday. The longest day of the year... I bet that's symbolic in some culture or another.

Maybe I should turn on the TV. I dunno if there's anything good on tonight, tho. Usually there isn't on Sunday nights. Maybe a movie or something. I could always put on Pirates of the Caribbean or something, I guess. They were playing it in Walmart when I was shopping yesterday, and I found myself reciting the lines along with the movie. Maybe I've seen it enough already....

Can't let this get too long, so I'm gonna end it here. Adieu, my friends.

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