Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I'm supposed to be doing homework... in a minute

Well, my computer is apparently screwed. Good news, tho: my wonderful parents are gonna bring up my old laptop so I can at least get some typing done. And, if Froyd's advice pans out, I might even be able to get it to connect to the internet. Right now, I'm almost ready to bow down and worship Froyd. Dammit man, you better get a GA 'round here! We need you.

Oh, yeah, other good news: apparently they're gonna publish one of my poems in the Rivers Meeting book. Not one I have up here on the blog or on my site, mind you... a different one. I'm very pleased with myself.

Okay, since I'm ostensibly in the SuperLab to work, I better get going. Hopefully I'll be back on my own computer by Friday. Adieu.

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