Tuesday, April 06, 2004

On my mind this afternoon:

I had "Pie in the Sky" (Utah Phillips/Ani DiFranco) going in my head for a while. Of course, the only remedy for such a thing is to actually listen to the song... so that's what's going in my CD player now.

They've got this guy, Dr. Robert Bellah, coming to speak at the Student Achievement Day tomorrow. I think I'm gonna go. His talk is called, "Individualism and Citizenship: Is There a Contradiction?" My philosophy prof has been really pushing for people to go, so... not a bad idea, anyway. But so early... oh well. I need to get outta here for a while tomorrow, anyway.

I'm trying to get my submission ready for the poetry class anthology. I think I've got the poems picked that I want to submit, but now I have to retype all of 'em and fill out the form. No big deal, right? As long as my computer doesn't fizzle out on me before I can finish. It seems to be doing okay so far... **fingers crossed, knocking on wood, praying, etc.**

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