Monday, April 05, 2004

Stupid computer...

Damn thing keeps crashing on me. You know... big blue screen telling you that something major is fucked up, then it shuts down, starts up, runs a scan, fixes a few files, and starts running again, only to crash again an hour later. So I just spent about an hour downloading patches and drivers and shit to hopefully make the computer okay again. Grumble...

So... what's everyone doing on Wednesday? Classes are cancelled for Student Achievement Day, so I'm pretty much guaranteed to be bored to death. Might possibly go check out the keynote speaker, but... that's really early in the morning. 9 AM. Yech. But then again... it's something to do. After that, I dunno. Probably go get lunch or something equally mundane. I don't know anyone who's giving a presentation, nor do I know anyone who is planning on going to see a presentation. At least, not that I've heard.

Scary... I actually WANT to go to class. A year ago, I never thought that would happen. Classes were something to go to in an effort to validate your existence on a college campus, and I did so only frequently enough to prevent my failing out. Now, it's almost like play for me. Reading and writing and philosophizing... all things that I enjoy. Going to class also gives me a reason to sit in the union between classes and converse with people, which contributes greatly to my overall sanity. Despite all my previous attempts at complete self-sufficiency, I am not a happy loner. I don't crave attention... just companionship.

Well, time to go get my laundry out of the dryer and think up a poem... With all these computer problems, I don't know that I'll finish the second part of my writing project tonight. We'll see if I can keep Microsoft Word from causing more of my files to disappear.

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