Sunday, April 18, 2004

Sunday morning rain!

I think the internet in our dorms is having troubles. Sometimes it works.... sometimes it doesn't. Right now it seems to be working.

I woke up earlier than planned to look out at the rain. I love rain. It puts me in a good mood for writing and getting work done. And maybe now the grass outside will start to turn green. Providing, of course, that it doesn't freeze or something. Still... rain... lovely.

The song in my head this morning is "The Best is Yet to Come". A good omen for this week, perhaps?

That's all for now. I believe it will be naptime later today. Sometime in the middle of working on my philosophy essays.

Okay, one final comment: I think that a lot of people study philosophy at least in part because it is really really REALLY satisfying to tell other people that you do. The awed looks, the laughs, the "I could never do that" comments. Possibly partly the same reason I wanted to study physics. Someone asks you what you're going to school for, you say you're a physics major, and most people are automatically impressed. Nice ego boost. Yeah, yeah... I'm going now...

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