Monday, April 19, 2004

Um... no.

So apparently there's a porn star named Angel Long. How do I know this, you may ask? I know this because people searching for her (assuming that Angel is a feminine name in this case) have found my site instead. I guess they're probably disappointed. Me, I think it's funny.

In related news: I found a nifty little tool that lets you locate where a specific IP address comes from.

My intention for tonight is to go to writers' group, but I'm a little nervous. Apparently Froyd and Stephen have "plans", at least according to Grubbs. Grubbs wouldn't tell me exactly what the plans were, but he seemed rather excited. Which worries me.

Till then, lots of work to do. I figure I'll spend a few hours writing tonight (unfortunately not for the group, cuz I've got four papers due before the end of the semester so I'm stretched a little thin). I spent way too much time goofing off this weekend. Like usual. So I better get moving. Ta-ta.

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