Sunday, May 23, 2004

Ah... nostalgia time.

[Listening to: Bob Dylan, "Farewell Angelina"]

Katie and I made a nice Chinese dinner for us and her friend: sweet and sour chicken, veggie lo-mein, cream cheese wontons, and rice. Oh, yeah... Reminds me of nights over in Linden Hall with Grubbs and Ryan and Erin and the rest of the peoples. Sigh... I miss those nights.

And then there's the song... Kvale used to sing it all the time. Dammit, I miss everyone. Oh, well. I'll drown my sorrows in Russian literature (by the way, I finished the first book of The Brothers Karamazov at around 3 AM yesterday) and hopefully some writing. And Coca-Cola. Mmm... caffiene. Whee.

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