Thursday, May 20, 2004

The days number 6; and, a new project:

[Listening to: Placebo, "Nancy Boy"]

Well, I did it. I set up the BSU Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writing Group Blog. So far it's just me, Erin, and (once he gets the e-mail) Grubbs as members. I'm waiting on Grubbs' list of who else wants to join, and e-mail addresses for said potential members. Froyd? Interested? And if so, what's the e-mail address to send the invite to? Leave me a comment or an e-mail or something.

I'm gonna be looking for a job this weekend. And Katie and I have the house for ourselves. Er... party? Or, ya know, not. She'll probably get a bunch of her friends over here and I'll have to clean up after them. Joy.

That's about it for news. I'll get around to doing more later.

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