Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I'm gonna be busy today...

Tonight's projects: Brit. Lit. paper and Rumi paper. Very important, both of em.

I gave up early last night and decided that if I got some sleep, I'd be able to work better today. So I did. I got 7 hours in one night for the second time in about two weeks. So I feel pretty damn good today. All that remains to do is for me to go get a nice bottle of Pepsi and settle down to work on my papers. Ah... papers...

On a side note... remember all those computer problems I was having earlier? Remember how I said I was bringing back my old computer with Windows 98? Well, now I'm glad I did. The Sasser worm is attacking everyone on campus... but it apparently only goes after Windows XP and 2000. So I'm safe! Whee! That's serendipity for ya.

I love that word. Serendipity. Say it with me. It's a happy word.

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