Monday, May 24, 2004

Not half bad, really.

I got my grades for last semester. Three B's, two A's, semester GPA of 3.4, cumulative GPA of 3.36. I still haven't gotten a grade for the Rumi poetry class, tho, and that's got me a bit concerned. I mean, I'm pretty sure it'll be an A... but I want it official.

I'm a little worried about how I'm gonna manage to graduate in four years. I think it'll work out. If I take 18 credits each semester for the next four, and then go to school over the summer next year, it should work out. The operative word there is "should". I'm still trying to figure out: A) what class to replace Poetry II with next semester since it was cancelled (Writing Fiction I is my first choice, but it's full. Maybe if I ask really nicely? The other real option is Chaucer and His Age, and based on my limited exposure to The Canterbury Tales, I HATE Chaucer.) and B) Whether to take Asian Philosophy instead of Advanced Writing. I know it'd be okay in regards to working towards my degree and all that, but I'm still conflicted.

Enough of this for now. I need to check my e-mail.

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