Sunday, May 09, 2004

Only one more week? Sad...

My God, the view from my window is gorgeous tonight. It rained this afternoon, but now the sky has cleared up and I can see the wet road, and beyond that the houses lit by sunset light, and beyond those the sky-blue lake with a cool breeze blowing in off the water. Man, I love Bemidji.

I can also smell someone making Mexican food. Fajitas maybe. I really want fajitas now. Maybe I'll make some when I go home. Argh... why does that have to come so soon? I'm just now getting settled around here, and I've got to leave. Hmph.

When I went to Walmart tonight, I bought myself a birthday present: the O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack. So now I'm singing those songs repeatedly in my head, if not out loud. You know, I worry about people who don't have a particular passion for music. That can't be healthy. Music is wonderful! I sing to myself all the time when I'm alone, and sometimes (very quietly) in public. Especially in the car. It's not that I think I have a great voice or anything (I don't, it's far too breathy and quiet), but I just love to sing.

Nice tangent there. I think I'm liking the updated version of Blogger. Very nice and clean. Now we'll see how the publishing thing works...

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