Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Stress is off, so I can write a big posting

Well, my philosophy test is done. I tried to turn it in, but the prof wasn't around. Fuck. So I'll head to campus tomorrow morning early to take care of it. And I'll even go to the library and return all the books I've got checked out. I won't be needing them anymore, thank the indifferent gods.

Going to the poetry thing today made me realize just how much it sucks to sit in my room alone for two days. Suddenly I was surrounded by people and I had that sort of "warm glow" feeling... now I'm lonely. Sniffle...

Feeling bad for poor Eric, too... he's had a rough day. Finals week (actually, the week before, too) sucks ass. Thank God I only have one more test to study for. Unfortunately, it's British Lit. I'm kinda scared about it. 70 points worth of essays, plus identification questions. Eeep! I think I need to find a non-dorm-room type place to study tomorrow. I've got too many distractions in here.

In other news... I'm having serious thoughts about switching my schedule around for next year so I can take Asian Philosophy instead of Advanced Writing. I know, I'm a writing major, but Asian Philosophy was one of the classes that I really really wanted to take, and it's only offered once every couple of years (or so I've heard), and Advanced Writing is offered every semester as far as I know, and I don't need to take it right away... Argh. Hell, I should take on a philosophy major, too. Why not? I'm fine with staying in school for the rest of my natural life... Of course, I say that now. In a couple years I might very well be clawing at the doors to get out.

Long posting. That's fine. I've got lots to say. Now, though... now is the time for a nap (possibly if the neighbors SHUT THE FUCK UP).

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