Friday, June 04, 2004

I don't miss high school one damn bit

So I went to my sister's graduation today. Saw several people I graduated with a couple years ago. NOT ONE of them even looked my way. They saw each other, however, and were all giggly and happy and everything. So, in two words, Fuck 'em. In a small school like that, everyone still remembers their exclusive little cliques and refuses to relinquish them, even long after graudation. I don't miss it.

Katie's graduated now. I'm proud of her. She looked so happy to be up on that stage getting her diploma. And now she's off at the all-night school-sponsored grad party, probably having a ball. She'll get back around 6 AM and sleep all day tomorrow. Good fer her. She's got tons of friends there, and I betcha she'll have fond memories of her high school years. And I think I'm happy for her.

So that's it for that place. I'm done with it now. Now it's time for me to find something to munch on and something to entertain myself with. Adieu.

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