Thursday, June 17, 2004

I'm tense.

It's been a rough evening. Sister and mother were fighting about how to finance her (sister's) über-expensive college and still have enough money to eat and pay bills. Mom's leaving early tomorrow to go to the doctor with my aunt, who is going in for some tests. She may end up having to have bypass surgery. We're all a little worried. The recliner is broken, which has my dad pissed off. Me, I'm just trying to ride it all out.

I bought a couple skeins of bulky yarn at Walmart, so I'm working on my first "real" knitting project: a scarf. A ribbed, gray-and-navy-striped scarf. The pattern is called "Ribbed for Her Pleasure". **grin** It's from a knitting book called Stitch 'n Bitch. Neat book for us modern types who want to learn how to knit things. Now if only there were a decent yarn store around here... gotta go to the craft stores in St. Cloud for that.

I need to dig out my CD's and blast some music next time I'm home alone. Great stress reliever, that. Flogging Molly would be real nice. It sucks that all my stuff is still packed away, awaiting the time when I will load it all into the truck again for the trip back to the dorms. I think I'm gonna start sorting things out, throwing stuff away, maybe selling some things if we have a garage sale this summer. Cluttered house, cluttered room, cluttered mind... it's all bad for the concentration. That's what I'll do tomorrow: clean my room. Yes... Must get some sleep, then. 'Nite.

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