Saturday, June 12, 2004

Whee! What a party...

It's all over now, but Katie's grad party was fun. Lotsa fun. Even though I had to go inside every ten minutes to find more kleenexes. We all got stuffed full of tacos and fruit and cake and candy from the piñata. I got to talk to a bunch of relatives that I almost never see. Katie got tons of money and presents and a beautiful handmade quilt from our Aunt Sharon. I think we'll be eating leftover taco stuff for a week. So, yeah, good time.

Slowly but surely, I'm getting over this cold. I'm much better today than I was yesterday, and better yesterday than the day before, etc. Pills help a lot. So does sleep, of which I can never get enough. In a few days I'll be good as new, just in time to help the parents start painting the house. Joy of joys.

Okay, lots still to do, and I'm already tired. Just catching up with my blogging a little bit before I go try and help mom get all the leftovers put away. So... bye!

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