Saturday, July 10, 2004

Daydream believer

[Listening to: Pink Floyd, "Another Brick in the Wall"]

I've been bitchy today. Snapping at everyone, only begrudgingly doing things for other people, glaring and grumbling and yelling... geez. I'm feeling very harrassed, like I can't get two minutes' peace in this damn house without noise or people or cats yowling or someone telling me what to do. I get this feeling at least once or twice a week. Anyone tired of hearing about it yet? Cuz I think I am.

Finished the fourth Harry Potter book and started in on the fifth today. That fourth book, The Goblet of Fire, was probably my favorite so far, but I'm liking The Order of the Phoenix a lot, too. Feeds my former childhood fantasies about magic and secret societies and schools and stuff. That was the sort of thing I daydreamed about, being spirited off to a place where I would find out that I was somehow special, that I had some sort of power or ability that was restricted to a select few, and that I had a mentor, someone who was watching over me and waiting until I was old enough to know this secret about myself, and willing to train me in it's use. What "it" was, I never really fully decided on. I believed in that sort of thing a lot longer than most people. Secretly, of course. Heck, I'm still divided halfway between practicality and fantasy; that's why I daydream so much and read so much. It's hard to be so conflicted. That's why I never would have made it as a physicist.

Ending this here. Peace and love to y'all.

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