Sunday, November 28, 2004

More screwed-up dreams

I'm home. I'm unpacked. I'm working 8-11 tonightEdit: Turns out I'm working 8 to MIDNIGHT... blech. And I realized that I've been having nightmares about being back in New Mexico and failing all my classes. Yes, it still gives me nightmares.

Also, I had this odd dream on the night before Thanksgiving that I was being married off to a man who basically wanted a wife to cook and clean and obey him in all things. It was sort of an 1800's time period. He went through my hope chest to see if I had all the things I'd need to run a household (kitchen supplies, etc.). There was another girl there who wanted to marry this man, and I think he was trying to decide between the two of us, or possibly deciding whether to marry us both... Later in the dream, I had to make my nose to bleed (can't remember whether it was a cut or if I just willed it to happen) so I could collect my own blood in a crystal glass for him to write the marriage contract out. I know I didn't want to marry him in the dream, but for some reason I had to. It was creepy.

So if I'm tired, now I know why: I'm having weird-ass dreams that rob me of my sleep. Go figure.

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