Thursday, December 09, 2004

More blogginess

Last night we watched the second and third Harry Potter movies, and now I have an insatiable urge to read the books again. Except that the only ones I own are the first one and the fifth one. And I haven't finished the fifth one yet (put it down in the middle of moving back up here and haven't picked it back up), so I may start with that... but now I'm thinking I should ask for them for Christmas. I know... geeky... but wow are they fun books. And the third movie is really very cool. I want that, too.

Invader Zim Night tonight! Yay! I went out and bought lettuce and cheese and sour cream and salsa, and we have taco shells and meat... should be nummy. I was gonna buy tomatoes, too, but saw that they were over $4 a pound, so promptly nixed that idea.

Also, I got more cold meds, and some echinacea and zinc lozenges. Maybe that'll kick my immune system into high gear.

Which leads me to another issue: my immune system seems to be working a lot better now that it has been for a long time. Even though people have been sick around me a lot, it's taken a while for it to get to me, and even now I'm not feeling all that terrible. It's really mostly a sore throat and some minor chest congestion. I'm not even really feeling the need to take more medicine, either, though I haven't had any since about 10 this morning. This is a good thing. It means that I'm getting stronger. It's amazing what mental health can do to physical health. I'm more mentally together now, and therefore I'm physically better, too. Neat.

Sorta tired, tho. I might try for a quick nap. It's all good. See ya later.

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