Thursday, December 30, 2004

Oooh... zombies... and other random wanderings

I finally saw Shaun of the Dead tonight. Wonderful bit of entertainment, that. Must remember to return it to the rental place tomorrow, tho. Drat.

Also watched Underworld. Eh. Not too bad, but not my favorite.

Katie's on her way back to Chicago at 5 AM. Six hours from now. Poor girl. Me, I'm gonna be sleeping. I think. Sleep is nice.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I shall be celebrating in the usual fashion: parents, their friends, my friend Amber, several bottles of sparkling grape juice, one 3-foot-long Subway sandwich, clinking glasses as we watch the ball drop... oh yeah, I'm such a party animal... But it's fun anyway. Probably rent more movies or something. That sounds good.

Oh... one last thing... I betcha some people have already seen this, but... Yatta!. This makes me laugh. Warning, it's a Japanese music video and, while not obscene, it's a bit... disturbing. Yeah, disturbing... that's a good word.


a dyke... said...

OMFG, that is the craziest thing I have seen in a really long time. Like, okay, I'm really confused, and really disturbed. What does "GREENL" spell, anyway?

Angel said...

I believe the L stands for "leaves". As in, their, uh... underwear decor.

L.P. said...

"Yatta" ... Basically means "Woohoo!"

Though, I did find it highly amusing to email that video to Grubbs one day when he asked for the music video for "My Will" from Dream.


L.P. said...

Oh, also, the group that performs that is called "Green Leaves," which explains the spelling thing.

Angel said...

Heh, trust Simon to know that stuff.