Saturday, December 11, 2004

Snippets of my life

Two things from yesterday that I was going to blog about (in short form cuz I need to get going soon):

First: I went to 4th floor yesterday afternoon about an hour before I had to work. I was sort of bored and feeling alone... plus I knew that I'd be spending 4 hours alone at work and it would suck. So anyway, I was walking down the hall when a friend of mine called out to me. He'd just come back from class or something. So I said hi and followed him back to his room. He made some tea and we sat and talked for a while about classes and war and such. He's like the older brother I wish I had. It made me happy, and the tea made me feel better.

Hm... that's what I need... cup of tea...

Second: I didn't feel tired yesterday before I went to bed, even though it was 3 AM. But I know that my brain really was tired. How do I know this? Because I made the comment that I was becoming fascinated with the jewel-like qualities of all the dice laid out on the table. Seth laughed at me.

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