Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sunday treated me well this time

Spent all day at some friends' house, eating waffles and brownies and cookies, watching a bunch of people playing D&D, knitting, and generally just being with a bunch of people I like. I left in the middle of said day for a brief time with Simon and Abby, managed to fall on my ass on a patch of ice, and am thus now in a fair amount of pain, which will hopefully be remedied by the ibuprofin I just took.

After I got home, I laid down on my bed for "a few minutes" (fell asleep for an hour), and then Grubbs came by and said that we were going out to Perkins with Abby in an hour. So I'm expecting him to drop by sometime soon. Maybe with Hans. I dunno. I'm shivery, cuz my room is extremely drafty. I should put on some real shoes and maybe brush my hair so I don't look like a complete freak when I go out again tonight. I am hungry, tho, which is fine cuz I'm craving a chicken tender melt. So bad for you... but oh, so good. So I'm gonna go... yeah. Bye.

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