Monday, January 10, 2005

Finally, time to sit down

I don't understand when a person wants to live like a recluse. I tried life as a hermit already, and it didn't go so well. For all my love of the reclusive writer/philosopher/artist vision, it tends to produce insanity. Maybe for some people, insanity is just another artistic method, but... I'm pretty sure it tends to destroy what could be beautiful.

I need more bookshelves, desperately. I saw some of those little cube wire rack things at Target, basically panels that you snap together with little round brackets, for $15. I kinda want one. Either that, or I'm gonna need to take about half my books home, or wherever home ends up being.

My room is still a mess. I intended to have more time to do stuff today, but I ended up not spending any time in the dorms at all. One round trip to Cass Lake, a drive to the bank (turned into an hour-long ordeal because I managed to lock myself out of the car and had to call someone to pick me up, drive me back to the dorms, get my extra key, and take me back to the bank) and then a stop in my room for five minutes before leaving to go to Alicia and Sara and Nate's house, where I spent the remainder of my evening. And when I came back at midnight, I found that Laura had left a message on my door wondering where I was. I am apparently in demand right now.

I work tomorrow night from 8-11. Hopefully, the internet connection will be hooked up at the desk. If not, I'm going to pout. Also, I should get my work schedule tomorrow so I can see which days I can do meetings and stuff like that.

Tomorrow will be yet another busy day. I'm hoping that things will slow down somewhat once classes start, so I'm not constantly running everywhere. I really really desperately need to clean. Really badly. Starting with my knitting stuff. And my books.

Finally... I bought my textbooks today. Most of them. I forgot exactly how many books an english major usually needs... And how heavy the damn lit books are. But now I have my very own Shakespeare anthology! So happy...

Right. I'm not quite tired yet, so I'm going to start sorting yarn, I think. Bye.

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