Sunday, January 02, 2005

Musings. Nothing big.

We finally took down the Christmas tree and associated decorations today. The living room feels sort of empty now. Time to rearrange the furniture again.

My parents are leaving the day after tomorrow to go house hunting up by Grand Rapids and Hibbing. Me, I get to stay here and look after the cats and the dog. And play video games, and do laundry, and make glass candy... Yeah, my life is just SO hard. :) I should pack some of my stuff up this week, too. The house is going on the market in February. So if anyone is looking for a nice BIG three-bedroom house in Big Lake... Honestly, I should feel worse about this than I do. I'm looking forward to the change. It won't be home, exactly, but at this point I'm not all that sure where my home is, anyway. It's not here. It's not really Bemidji, tho I refer to both places as home. It'll be nice once I find a place to rent in Bemidji. That won't necessarily be "home" either, but it'll be more homey than a dorm room.

I miss people. I keep having dreams about nasty things happening to my friends. Damn subconscious.

That's all the news that's fit to print. And even some that isn't.


a dyke... said...

I miss you too!!! I can't wait until you get back ... I have SORELY missed knitting with you. Tuesday nights don't work for me, but I was thinking maybe our small, core group of friends (who happen to knit) could get together to hang out (and probably knit) on the weekends sometimes. We're all in Shakespeare together, so knitting and studying together can't be too far off-base ... can it?

Temporary Display Name said...

Not far off base at all.. I'd like to start up knitting again myself.. It shall be fun. I'm coming home to Bemidji on the ninth, and it seems as if a few others are too. Mayhaps then we could get together?

Also... Are you enjoying Gone With The Wind? I can bring up the movie.. I have it on VHS. You have to see it now, if you're still reading it, that is.

Hope to see you guys soon. Ta-ta

Tammi said...

When are you all coming home?! We can get together and get caught up with all the stuff that's not fit to print.