Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New blogs! Yay!

I've got this thing for medicine. The career, not pills and stuff. I love reading medical stories in magazines (Vital Signs in Discover Magazine, for example), watching ER, and now, reading blogs written by doctors and nurses. I'm adding three new ones to my blog roll tonight: The Examining Room of Dr. Charles, The Write Wing and Jen, SN. Actually, the first one is a blog that I found a while ago, sometime in September I think, and while cruising through my own archives I rediscovered it. It was very very new back then, but it started out just as good as it is now.

Also, added a nifty photoblog: signs on the wall invisible. I need to get me a digital camera...

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Kyle A.M. said...

Hey! Thanks for the linkage to my photoblog. Glad to see somebody other than my mom actually reads it. Note on accuracy: I don't actually use a digital camera, just a 35mm and a rapidly degenerating scanner.