Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Ya know what's fun? Making glass candy.

Ya know what's really super messy? Making glass candy.

Guess what I did. :)

The candy is currently sitting in the kitchen, cooling. It's lemon flavored.

Next, I wanna make some coconut. And peppermint. And maybe orange, if I can find the right flavor of extract.

Mmm... sugar...

The recipe I used was here. And for anyone who wants to try it, a really easy and good way to clean the pan and the spoon and the thermometer and stuff is, after you pour out the candy, fill the pan with water and stick all the stuff in there (stick the thermometer in like you're trying to use it on the water, don't submerge it completely), and boil it for a couple minutes. That dissolves most of the candy. what's left can be taken care of with hot water from the sink/dishwasher.

I can't wait for it to cool so I can break it up. Also, I'm going to dust it with powdered sugar (not part of the recipe, but it'll keep it from sticking together).

And I barely even burned myself in my efforts! :)

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