Sunday, February 13, 2005


[Listening to: Counting Crows, "Daylight Fading"]

Okay... rundown of the past couple days. Party last night was fun, with some stressful parts at the end. I dressed as a nun and got to engage in corporal punishment (see this picture on Sara's blog. People got really drunk. I didn't, which was a good thing. There were several hangovers this morning. Heh heh heh... I felt fine...

Got up late today and ran off to the house to see the other people. There, I made fajitas and brownies for lunch, which everyone loved (even Ben, who previously declared that he didn't like Mexican food). Also sat in on a D&D game and basically just talked with people and had a nice relaxing Sunday, as usual.

Tonight, I was feeling a bit emotionally needy or something like that. Don't know why that happens, but I'm better now. I guess sometimes I just need attention. It's good to be around people who give it freely. Friends... friends are good. Not just the ones I was with tonight, either--all of em.

Anyway. I think I have stuff I should be doing. Better do it.

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Temporary Display Name said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Angel!