Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I found something I wasn't supposed to! (I think...)

I feel sneaky and smart. It's a good combination.

I wrote a poem tonight. I can't post it because Blogger doesn't do the formatting things I want it to, and without those it doesn't have the same effect. But the people who know me will get to read it if they want. I'm bringing it to poetry class tomorrow. It's called "head rush".

A lot of people around me seem to still feel crappy, so I almost feel guilty for being in such a good mood. I've got lots to do, tho. I promised myself that before I go to bed tonight, I'll clean out my fridge and take my garbage out. And finish the writing I need to do. I'm hoping for inspiration.

Tomorrow: laundry.


Alicia said...

Hey! Never feel guilty for being in a good mood. These days, it is a rarity for us all, so hold onto it like there is nothing more precious.

And we don't have poetry today, dear. At least, I'm not going. I don't want to sit through another really crappy movie, but it would be worth it to hang out with you and Erin! Hmm... We'll talk in American Lit.

Angel said...

Dammit... I knew that... ah, well... we should hang our or something.