Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My one night off

[Listening to: Voltaire, "BRAINS!"]

Lots of interesting things happening today. I bought a long, pretty silver chain and two pendants (one grey/brown agate, and one bloodstone) from a lady selling jewelry at the student union. I spent several hours down in the Oak game room with Erin, played several games of pool (which I am very bad at, yet enjoy immensely), and talked a lot. Phil came and beat me 3 games to 1, but was also kind enough to dedicate a song (Nonpoint's cover of "In the Air Tonight") to Erin and I on his radio show at the college station. Heh, never had my name metioned on the radio before... After that, Erin and I talked. I gave her a suggestion for writing, and she gave me some tips on art. It's good to have friends like that, someone I can talk to about creativity and not feel like "the weird poet chick" or something.

Also, there's been more conversation about finding an off-campus apartment. We may have found a good, cheap place, close to campus, close to friends... all-around, very nice. And open in May. Three bedrooms, cheap rent... I'm hoping it'll work out. Oh please oh please oh please!

I've got the writing bug now. Try to turn out another poem, maybe? I want to write, but I don't know what. I kinda want to write fiction, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a plot or anything like that. Characters aren't a problem, but they've got to have something to do. They're never satisfied with just existing. Maybe it's time to write a sad story. It feels like the right season for it.

Tomorrow: Classes, then shopping with Sara and possibly Erin? I need to go to Ben Franklin, and then to Hallmark to get an anniversary card for my parents. Then work. Then coming home to work on papers and poems and that sort of thing. And more reading of Hemmingway's The Sun Also Rises. Is it just my imagination, or is Hemmingway sort of a precursor for the Beat writers? His writing "tastes" like Kerouac's. Or maybe it is just me.

Is it sad to anyone else that I've never read Hemmingway before? I wish I could say that I am well-read, but I'm not. Working on it, tho.

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