Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A list:

I'm dropping Contemporary Writers and Theory. Talked to my mom, she said it was a good idea. That means I'll be taking 15 credits instead of 18, which helps a lot. It's the only expendable class on my schedule.

I work tonight, and I have a meeting for work tomorrow at 6. I must remember this meeting. It is important.

I am going to buy a new printer. A nice one.

My parents are getting all ready to move now. I think they're excited. It'll be pretty cool to see the new house this weekend.

Midterm for American Lit tomorrow. I'm scared. Gotta study at work tonight.

I think I did okay on my World Lit midterm. That's good, cuz I was nervous about it. The third question didn't go so well, but the first two were pretty easy. It was an essay test, hence only three questions.

I need to eat something, which might fix my headache.

Also, I need caffiene.

I want to write a story. I want to write about people who celebrate little victories, mostly over themselves. I want to write about people who find little places of comfort in a cruel world. I want to write about secret societies of the brilliant, the compassionate, the benevolent. I want to write about people that I could know if I lived in their world. Writing fiction for me is an adventure, something like reading a book except that anything can happen.

I'm going to use the previous paragraph in the paper I need to write for Advanced Writing.

I think I might have used too many big words in the first essay I wrote for World Lit. I know a lot of words, and I feel like I need to use them because otherwise they're just taking up space in my head.

I'm tired now.


Berne said...

You're not the only one who's a little scared for AL II. Seems similar to a Gurney test...but he gave us study guides!

Angel said...

Yeah, Gurney's good about that. I dunno what's going to happen with this test. Then again, I was unsure about the World Lit midterm, too, and I think I probably did okay on it.