Friday, April 22, 2005

Lesson #7

When cooking in the dorms, ALWAYS check to make sure that when you pre-heat the oven, the various conglomerations of food particles laying on the bottom are not likely to catch fire.

Yes, this just happened to me. Grubbs and I were going to make a pizza and sit down to watch movies. We set the oven to pre-heat and sat down in the kitchen to get the pizzas ready. We opened the oven a few minutes later and found large flames and much smoke. We managed to put the fire out (with the help of the people who were also cooking in the kitchen at the time), get the window open, and get out of the kitchen to let it air out, all without setting off the smoke detectors. Yay us. I'm not sure whether that makes me happy or scared for my safety.

Now... we managed to actually cook the pizzas, finally (in the upstairs kitchen), so... time to eat.

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MediStorm said...

I've done that at home, never a fire but smoke collects in mikes room and it sets off the fire alarm.