Friday, April 01, 2005

Risk-y business

I am in an excellent mood right now. I've been giggly and perky and happy almost all night. I wonder how much the vanilla Bacardi has to do with it... hmm...

Went over to a friend's house this evening and played Risk until 1 AM. I put in a valiant effort, but was ultimately crushed by the forces of Nick and Grubbs. Doesn't matter; I fought bravely and died honorably. 'Twas much fun.

Of course, I was winning until they started mixing drinks for me... at my behest, of course. :) Had pizza, too. Good food, good friends, good fun. Yeah, I've got plenty of reasons to be happy.

(Wow... Risk, pizza, and soda... we're really geeks, aren't we?)

That, and I got to sing the Drunken Scotsman song on the way home. That's always good.

Time for me to go to sleep. Tomorrow: Chinese, dice, and maybe a movie. Yay!

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