Monday, April 18, 2005

So hot...

It's 81 degrees outside right now. In the middle of April. Insane? Yes. Storms shall be rolling in tonight and tomorrow morning. Lovely.

To counteract the effects of sitting in a 90+ degree office for two hours this afternoon, I took a nice cool shower when I came back. In another hour, I have to go back to said office and work for four hours. Yay me.

On the up side, my room is comparatively nice and cool. I'm on the shady side of the building, so it's only about 75 degrees in here right now. A little warm for my taste, still, but not too bad.

I sat out in the sun today for a couple hours and am not particularly burned or anything. Perhaps I'm building up a tolerance to UV rays? Cuz I'm very very pale-skinned, so I usually burn easily.

I'm still glad it's spring, what with the beautiful open water and such.

I need new flipflops.

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