Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Wow. What a birthday.

I got drunk on beer, among other things, and some... personal things happened. A little nervous about what the morning will bring. But I think this is the best birthday I've ever had.

Gotta sleep. Here's hoping everything will be just as wonderful tomorrow as it was tonight.


Temporary Display Name said...

Yay! Happy birthday... Glad it was a good one for you.... Whoo-hoo! and when Alicia and Nate get up here (which should be tonight) we should celebrate some more!

L.P. said...

So did you get that birthday spanking?

Froyd said...


you just blew my mindset!

happy b-day, buddy!

Eric said...

Ha-ha! Excellent birthday indeed! I wonder how the rest of the night went? hmmm... I'm sure you were the height of virtue. I, on the otherhand,I am a bad, bad, person. Although I do occasional have a notion with some merit... eh? Hope to see you again be for my inevitable shove into a different reality tunnel. If not have a great summer.