Friday, July 01, 2005

Sound and fury, signifying nothing

I was attacked by a bird today.

I was walking along Lake Boulevard, on the sidewalk above the dirt path down by the lake. I could hear a man walking the other direction on the dirt path, talking into his cell phone. He was saying, "A bird just attacked me!" and I laughed inwardly, thinking that he must be some city-boy from St. Paul up here on vacation who was dumb enough to mess with a bird's nest or something. But five steps or so later, I suddenly felt something soft, pointy, and VERY angry smack into the back of my head. I ran forward a few paces, shouting, "What the hell was that?" and turned around. There on the sidewalk behind me was a red-winged blackbird, sitting there sqwacking at me. I laughed and walked on.

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