Saturday, August 06, 2005

A daily ramble

Beer, pizza, and Shrek 2 are a good combination. Davis is up for the night, so we spent a bunch of time chatting and visiting other friends, as well as watching the movie and eating. Yay for good times!

In other news, my computer doesn't seem to recognize my iPod for some reason. I can't quite figure it out. It kinda sucks. There's no error message or anything, but when I plug it in, nothing happens. It doesn't show up in the iTunes program, and I can't update. It charges just fine, tho. So, anyone out there know anything about these blasted Mac products?

Time for sleep. Tomorrow, I must say goodbye to a good friend for a very long time. A sad occasion, indeed. Need to be well-rested.

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Anonymous said...

see documentation on how to reset your ipod. that should do it