Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Tuesday file

One of the guys who lives downstairs starts his car every morning at 4 AM and drives away. I wonder where he works.

The Rivers Meeting stuff arrived in the mail for me today. Very exciting. I've got a whole list of things that I want to get done in the next three days or so, chief among them being e-mailing a bunch of people for information and getting some things organized. And making a pretty cover for the binder, so I can tell which side is the front. :)

I played as a dwarven paladin today in a short D&D adventure. Man, is it hard to be lawful good. Just doesn't fit with my personality. I view myself as more neutral good, bordering on chaotic. Also, not filled with religious fervor AT ALL.

I think I'm learning to debate somewhat, which is funny because I used to hate doing stuff like that. I also pulled out the philosophy card in a discussion that I was having with Grubbs, and I feel a little... unclean for some reason. I guess, like it or not, those philosophy classes have sunk in a bit. I need to do more self-searching before I figure out exactly how I feel about that.

Sleep soon, after finding more pretty pictures. Then, doing important things tomorrow.

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Froyd said...

philosophy sucks.