Saturday, September 10, 2005

Not bad for a Saturday

So I've spent the last couple hours trying to learn to play the pennywhistle (key word: trying). Having a teacher would be cool, but since I seem to lack one at the moment, I guess I'm doing okay. I can (sorta) play Amazing Grace. :) And The Foggy Dew. No degree of technical proficency, but the notes are there. Good thing the roommates are out at the moment, tho; I'd be driving them nuts.

I need to run out and go shopping in a little bit. Unfortunately, I'll be going to Walmart. I have a tolerate-hate relationship with Walmart, in that it's obviously a corporate Satan, but at the same time, it's cheap and I'm a college student. Also, it's almost always overcrowded unless you go there at about midnight. But... so cheap!

I'm trying to find the cheapest way to get World of Warcraft. Ordering it on is cheap, of course, but then you either have to pay shipping or wait for a week to get it. It's something like $49.95 at Target. I'm going to check the price at Walmart, and then... dunno.

And now I'm hungry, so I think I might go look for munchies.

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