Friday, September 09, 2005

Pleasant surprises:

1. My computer may arrive as early as Monday
2. Milton was cancelled for the second day in a row
3. My financial aid check did come through on time after all.

All in all, not a bad day. Now if only the rain would let up a bit so I can walk home and not get soaked or zapped by the intermittant lightning.


S said...

A new computer, eh? Fantastic. Out of curiosity, what will be happening to the old one? Perhaps it could be temporarily donated to the fund for the preservation of equal online time for overworked feminist goths of the sweet and/or sour nature. On a related note, does this new computer mean I'll be seeing you in my normal online haunts of fantasyland soon? Also, I need some tips on what messenger services Rachel and I need on this computer and how to get ahold of them. Glad to see life is taking a break from giving you a hard time in order to treat you well for a bit. Cheers.

Angel said...

Ya know... maybe my dear gothie would like this computer... yes... that might be a good idea. I shall ask her when next I see her.