Saturday, October 01, 2005


Yup, I got good and drunk tonight. But by the time I got home (a few minutes ago), I was on my way to being sober. At least sober enough to keep an eye on my roommate before he went into his room.

The pirate party was excellent and much fun. Our sober cab boys were wonderful (thank you, Jack and Nick, even though I don't think either of you read this!). That... shrub, I think it was? Whatever the drink/punch was that Jeremy made, that was awesome, too. And WAAAAAAY strong. Froyd, thanks for hosting. Jeremy (again), Nick (yet another Nick), Hans... thanks for the music. Everyone else, thanks for being there.

Now, I think I should go to bed. It's sort of late, and I'd like to make it to Grand Rapids tomorrow by noonish or so (visiting family and doing my laundry, yay!), which means I need to sleep now. So... here I go...

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J*me said...

Hi Angel it was a fun night indeed at the pirate party. Check out my blog there are pics of it on there :)