Wednesday, November 09, 2005

No answers required

Having another "oh my God, what in the hell do I think I'm doing?" kind of moment.

I have one hour until I can go home.

All of life seems to be going so very very fast all of a sudden. It's November. How did it get to be November? How did Halloween already come and go? And the leaves... all gone. I'm still mentally stuck back in September.

I feel like I lost something, something more than just time. It's a feeling of yearning, longing... deep and empty and cold. And lonely. Alone in a crowd. There's people all around me and still I feel like I'm all alone. It's a feeling that I can't shake. I'm trying to get away from it, to be removed and objective and reasonable. It's hard, though.

What is good enough? Who is pretty enough, smart enough, happy enough? Successful enough? Who is ever satisfied? Who has stopped trying to please other people, really, sincerely? Who thinks that they are not crazy? Who thinks that other people can understand how they feel?

Who reads this, anyway? A handful of random friends, who I love. As far as I know, that's it. The "intellectual and creative elite" of Bemidji (if such can be said to exist), and maybe a few others.

I got a B on my German test. I thought I would get a C or lower, and I got a B. That should make me happy, right? And it did when I got it.

I need to write again, work on a novel or something. The story about the girl who can't be fixed, and maybe doesn't want to be, and the boy who still wants to try. And then I wonder if I'm that girl. Except I want to be fixed, I think. But I question the cost. What of creativity? What of deep and perpetual feeling? Will I still be able to write if I can't channel that place where blackness thickens into sensuous anguish?

I want to get better, but I don't know who I'll be after that. I've been like this so long that I don't know who's behind the layer of melancholy. What if I don't like her? What if she can't see the world as rich and sad and sacred? What if she can't see the tiny joys that sparkle against the background of darkness and stand out so much more than if everything around them was light and airy?

Will I lose the compassion I have for people? Will I lose the ability to see them as me and me as them? Will I still have empathy?

I don't think these are rational questions. I think that people will scoff at them, because isn't it so much better to be happy, no matter the cost?

Isn't it?


Natasjia said...

Happiness is not light and airy. You will not lose sight of the sacred or creative -- the world will deepen in color and thought.

This is what I know from my experience.

Sharon said...

Natasjia is right, Angel. You will not lose anything. I, too, know from experience. Your post tonight was so insightful, so clear, so absolutely golden. I wish I could write as well!

Happiness comes and goes. It is all around us, but we have to have the strength to choose it sometimes. I don't have any answers, only my own experiences.

Keep writing. You have a gift with words!

Poet said...

Wow. You don't know how...similar...what you're feeling is to what I'm feeling. Surrounded by people, some you care about and who care about you, yet no matter how loud your soul screams, they don't see you for you.

For me, it's like...I feel like I have something in me to give, but I can't get people to see that. They only see what they want to see, and that's what they expect to see when they see me.

Anyway...this is your blog. What I meant to say is: If you ever want to get together and talk, I think I'd like it.

"Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating."

-O. Henry, Gift of the Magi

Amber said...

That's you in the post. Angel, you're you now. You've always been yourself. Cutting away most of the sadness simply breaks down the barriers and distractions. Don't worry about it.