Sunday, November 27, 2005

White-knuckle driving (my hands hurt now)

I was in Grand Rapids today, visiting my parents and my little sister who was in town for the day. And then I decided that, since I have to work tomorrow morning and I have a test, I needed to drive home this afternoon.

This was a bad idea.

Everything was fine for the first twenty minutes or so of the drive. Then, when I got to the little town of Ball Club, my car started fishtailing when I wasn't doing anything. Highway 2 was glare ice from Ball Club to Cass Lake, which is something like 40 miles. I got behind a line of cars and we did 20-30 mph all the way to Cass Lake. Then, when the highway switched to 4 lanes, it was a little better. The sand and salt trucks had been out, so the ice was somewhat diminished. Still treacherous, tho. The trip that usually takes me about an hour and 20 minutes took more than two hours total. And when I finally got to my house, I discovered that my front steps are SOLID ICE. So once I made it in the door, the first thing I did was sprinkle liberal amounts of sidewalk salt on them. The second thing I did was call my mother and tell her I made it home in one piece. She was very, very relieved, because about five minutes after I left, her brother called to tell her that the roads were getting bad.

Now, it is time for a nice warm meal and a bit of stress relief.

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Sharon said...

So glad you made it back safely. Icy roads are the absolute worst! Stay warm and cozy tonight!