Monday, November 14, 2005

WoW Wedding

So I'm a married woman now... kind of... at least on World of Warcraft. My main character, a dwarven paladin named Annthrope (affectionately known as Ann), was wed to her beau, Stoneshield, last night. And I've got pictures, for your entertainment, with comments from Ann herself.


The Wedding Album

Here's my boy and his... entertainment at his bachelor party. Of course, I knew nothing about this last fling, but hey, I'm a secure kind of gal, I can deal. Except that he's enjoying the attentions of a certain elf... freakin' elves.

My bachelorette party was not without it's entertainment value, however. The girls and I got a little wild at the Slaughtered Lamb tavern.

Here's me with my bridesmaids again, but in a less risque pose. :) We're in the garden at Stormwind Keep. That's Hekatie on the left, me in the middle, and Taris on the right.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and held in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. Doesn't my man clean up nice?

And finally, the happy couple. Everyone together now... AWWWW!


Yeah, I know... I'm a dork.


Froyd said...

dork doesn't BEGIN to describe what just happened...and probably what will continue to happen.

Angel said...

You do realize that I posted this just to hear what sort of snarky comment you would leave, Froyd. I'm almost disappointed that you didn't say something more vicious.

Key word there: ALMOST. said...

okay so it's no world of warcraft, but after our conversation in erhetoric yesterday, i DID go home and figure out how to download and play nintendo games on my powerbook.

one day i'll be as advanced as you, angel. :)

Angel said...

Me, advanced? Surely you jest.

Nintendo games ROCK, by the way.

Froyd said...

gots to love the NES roms, but they got nothin' on the real thing.

I love my office. and my NES therein.


I just have this terrible feeling like somehow I'll be alone forever, I mean, I'm already a 43rd level rogue, and I've met no one.
(tell me these kinds of conversations happen on WOW!!!!)
Serioiusly though, Congrats Angel, I tried to make it to the ceremony, but I got Tied up in Lag, and then there was that dungeon...
Oh my god, this crap is way too easy to make jokes about.
Who delivered the ring?
And Why didn't a rogue steal it in the middle of the ceremony?
and How come at the Bachelor party there is one naked woman, and at the Bacheolorette party there are several Naked women?
Something seems wrong or possibly terribly terribly right about that.