Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sick sick sick.... ick.

So I think I'm getting sick.

I'm not any particular sort of ill. I have a vaguely sore throat and the beginnings of a bit of chest congestion or something. But I'm sleeping. Funny that my sleep patterns are how I can tell that I'm sick. For the past... well, it's been a long time, I've been having all sorts of insomnia issues. Can't fall asleep, keep waking up and having a hard time getting back to sleep, can't sleep even though I'm exhausted... things like that. But today, not only did I sleep all through the night, but I woke up around 9, was awake for maybe an hour or two, and crawled back into bed and slept until just a few minutes ago. I'd still be in bed right now if I didn't have to go into work at 2.

Also, I don't eat much when I'm sick. Right now, I'm sitting down for lunch. I'm not even particularly hungry, but I haven't eaten a meal in over 24 hours. So I've got a microwaved chicken pot pie sitting in front of me. (On a side note, I love these pot pies. Veggies and meat and carbs in one convenient little package, and they cost less than $1 at the grocery store.)

Anyway. That's my whining for the day. I've gotta finish my lunch and go to work. Blech. Bye.

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Sharon said...

Sorry you are feeling sick... Missed you in class this morning. Get better soon!